I have had an accident what should I do?
Call our friendly customer relations representatives first. Our number is 02 9757 1866. We can guide you with all the details of lodging a claim and generally take the worry out of the whole process.

If I am not at fault and claim on my insurance will I have to pay an excess?
As long as you provide all of the details of the responsible person for the damage, no excess will be applicable to your claim. This also means that your no claim bonus should not be affected either.

Who do I pay my excess to?
Excess payment can be made at your repairer. Some insurers will allow you to pay your excess to them over the phone or at one of their branches but this must be done prior to picking up your vehicle from us. The repairer will also have to confirm it has been paid with the insurance company.
The industry rule is that a repaired vehicle will not be released until the full excess is paid to either the repairer or the insurer.

Can I get a quote over the phone?
Generally this is not possible however we can give you an indication of the cost of repairs from a description of the damage. To be able to give a firm quote, we really do need to see the vehicle and in some cases disassemble part of it. You should not trust a repairer who has not personally inspected and assessed the damage.

Do I have the right to choose you as my repairer?
In most cases every insurance company allows you to choose Sids High Quality as a repairer. In some cases your insurance company may suggest (push) that you go to another repairer (they may be cheaper or there may be a trade relationship). But importantly, you are not under any obligation to use their repairer; they can only recommend – they cannot enforce their wish.

Can emergency repairs be conducted to my vehicle?
In most cases we can headlamps and tail lamps and other minor items to make your vehicle roadworthy until you are ready for the major repairs to be commenced. You may have to pay for these repairs but you will be reimbursed when your claim is authorised by your insurance company.

When is my car a write off?
This does depend on the company with whom you hold your insurance policy. Most value the damaged vehicle and then, if the cost of repairs plus the value of the damaged vehicle are greater than the sum your vehicle is insured for, they declare the vehicle a total loss.

What will I receive if my vehicle is a ‘total loss’?
The answer is that it depends on the policy you hold and your insurer. If you hold an agreed value policy you will receive the sum insured but if you hold a market value police you will receive what your insurer deems to be the market value of your vehicle. If you are not insured, we will advise you how to minimize your loss and costs.

What forms of payment do we accept?
EFTPOS is available, Cash.
MasterCard, Visa Card, in person or via telephone;
Direct Debit / Bank Transfer*
* Funds will need too cleared in our account before your vehicle will be released.