Fleet Management

At Sid’s High Quality, we understand that your fleet is an essential part of your business. We also understand that it costs you time and money to have your staff drop off and pick up your vehicles.

With this in mind, Sid’s offers corporate clients a free Valet Service. We pick up your vehicle, deliver it to our workshop and have it returned upon completion. As part of our corporate services one of our estimators will come to your premises and complete onsite estimates with digital imaging for your insurance company.

At Sid’s High Quality we work with every insurance company. Plus, we have all the compatible computer systems required to fast-track your claim and reduce assessment delays.

One of our customer service staff will Schedule the repair, and the collection, for a time convenient for you. When your vehicle arrives if not previously looked at, one of our estimators will quote it and organise approval from your insurer.

Once we receive authorisation to proceed, we use our significant buying power to make sure that our suppliers deliver the parts in the shortest possible time. Our skilled tradespeople can then start the repairs almost immediately.

As a corporate customer we will allocate an internal customer service manager to look after your company’s repairs and keep you informed regarding anything relating to the repairs of your vehicle from claims lodgements to vehicle progress updates while the vehicle is in shop.

Once repairs are completed we return the vehicle to you, cleaned and in factory recommended condition.